Monday, 8 February 2010

Farewell to Homecoming

Last week saw the final event of Homecoming Scotland 2009 - a thank you party for stakeholders and event organisers from all over Scotland. The event took place in Oran Mor in Glasgow and included entertainment from Mauchline Burns Club, the Birnam Quartet and singer Dougie MacLean (above).

Dougie wrote the song 'Caledonia' which was used throughout the year of Homecoming.

Often at these types of events the lighting looks great for the audience but isn't really suitable for photography purposes. I always use a couple of off-camera flashguns to create an interesting lighting effect whilst also maintaining the atmosphere of the occasion. In the picture above I have used two flashes on stands at either side of the stage to light the singer. They are controlled from the main flash on my camera which allows me to raise or lower the level of light. When photographing singers I also like to capture them doing something interesting 'off mic' which I think leads to more engaging image.

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