Sunday, 4 December 2011

Artist in Residence at Stirling Castle

A new art exhibition opened on Friday 2nd December, at Stirling Castle to celebrate the works of Iona Leishman, its first ever artist-in-residence.

The exhibition, ‘Sense of Place’, features around 80 paintings by local artist Iona Leishman and will run until 31st December. Her works range from lush naturalistic impressions of the castle to dreamy washes of colour haunted by ethereal figures, all inspired by the history, iconic landscape and Kings and Queens who lived at the Castle.

It was a real joy to photograph Iona and I was immediately taken with her evocative art work.

The middle photograph is a portrait of Iona reflected in her painting 'Horses at Midnight'.

If you do get the chance to see the exhibition, you won't be disappointed. More info here.

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