Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Perth Racecourse Ladies Day

The photograph on the programme above was shot a couple of months ago for Perth Racecourse to promote their very successful Ladies Day which took place on the 12th May 2011. The photograph was used in the press, in print publications and on a huge billboard in Perth.

The shoot was less than straightforward. The first date for the shoot was cancelled due to atrocious weather at the course and the second date wasn't much better. It rained heavily for most of the time we were there and the sky was overcast and colourless.

The brief was to produce an image of a model dressed in pink, sipping pink champagne with a pink horse. The first part was relatively uncomplicated. We waited for a break in the rain and set up the shot, lighting the model to make it appear that the sun was shining on her.

The key to the shot was to get the horse facing in the right direction and also to make sure that it's ears were pointing upwards. Easier said than done. This took several attempts in between the model being stood on by the horse.

A great deal of post production was required to complete the image. Designer Adam Wilson from Four Colour Black did a great job making the horse pink and adding a pretty believable
blue sky.

All in all a fun job to work on. The client was delighted and Ladies Day was a great success I believe.

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shabnam said...

The effect looks really nice!!!!!!